How Pogo Pin Is a Great Innovation In The Technical Field


As there are innovations in the downstream market and continuous change in product trends also bring changes in the connector industry. If you ever look back at the connector industry development then you will be amazed by our changing technology.

Moreover, you will see vitality in the connector industry because of innovative applications. The important thing that is playing a great role and never goes back to the time of the rise and fall of wearable devices in recent times is the pogo pin. You can have more related info from Let us move to our topic which is about pogo pins.

How Pogo Pin Is a Great Innovation?

The demand for pogo pin electrical connections has increased after the rise in mobile innovative applications. Pogo pin has a great name for interpreting consumer electronics products. The amazing fact is that niche products are now in the public eye just because of the pogo pins.

The expansion of its application field has contributed a lot to exploring its performance more efficiently. In simple words, a new window of opportunity is being provided to the industry lenders just due to the recent growth of pogo pins.

Basics Of Pogo Pin

For establishing a connection between two printed circuit boards, there is a need for a specific device which is named a pogo pin. If we talk about the structure of a pogo pin then it’s just like a slender cylinder with two sharp pins. The sharp points at the end of the pogo pin help in making contact between two circuits.

Types Of Pogo Pin

There are several types of which pogo pin is categorized. Some of these types and their little discussion are mentioned below:

Thread Screw Pogo Pin:

This pogo pin can easily be screwed into place because of having a threaded body. It is recommendable, especially where a secure connection is desired.

Solder Screw Pogo Pin:

There is a small cup present on the end of the pin that can be used for filing with the solder.

Bending Type Pogo Pin:

The type of pogo pin that can be bent in different shapes is the bending type pogo pin. Therefore it can easily be used in small spaces.

Right Angle Pogo Pin:

These pins have a right angle bend in the middle which helps in flushing the pogo pin with the PCB surface.

High Current Pogo Pin:

The type of pogo pin that is designed for carrying a large quantity of current is a high current pogo pin.

Double-Ended Pogo Pin:

This pogo pin has a metal contact on both ends. It is recommended for making two electrical connections.

Final wording

Pogo pin is now considered a most amazing and beneficial innovation in the market and is preferred a lot. The above article concludes how a pogo pin is named as a great innovation in the technical world. Hope that it proves to be helpful for you.


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