The Do’s and Don’ts of using a Pressure Washer


Although using a pressure washer can bring about a satisfying experience, it can also be challenging and frustrating when using it for the first time and the wrong way. Again, you can be an expert in using the pressure washer but again fail to troubleshoot some issues. For instance, fixing the pressure washer bracket when you want to clean higher sections and surfaces can make you hate the machine. However, with our quick and straightforward guide, you will realize you can perform some simple DIYs at home and enjoy using your pressure washer efficiently. Read on to understand better.

What are the Dos of using pressure washers?

Always use the equipment in a safe space- Before you become an expert in handling a pressure washer the right way, it will take you some time. However, you don’t anticipate having the worst experience when cleaning your surface or home area. So, start practicing in a small and safe space by testing the pressure in the nozzle tips as you refer to the manual.

Sometimes, you can have some plants or flowers in the area rinse them with clean water to clear some chemicals from the cleaning solution.

Clear the area you want to clean first- Some items available in your working space can pose serious dangers if not well-arranged. For instance, if you have electrical appliances around, unplug and move them somewhere safe.

When cleaning with your pressure washer, start with low pressure as you adjust while cleaning when necessary. Starting with high pressure can overpower you, leading to injuries and damages.

Use the right cleaning solution- As you pressure wash your space; take note of the cleaning solution and detergents you use. It should be gentle on the surface and the surrounding environment.

As you prepare the pressure washer to start cleaning, always maintain some distance from the surface or equipment you want to clean.

Always check the surrounding environment to ensure your cleaning activity won’t harm any significant thing. For instance, when pressure cleaning the fence, ensure there isn’t a baby or even a pet on the other side.

Put on protective gears- As you pressure clean, you can slide in the surface and get injuries. So whichever place you are washing, ensure you have appropriate clothing from the head, eyes, legs, hands, and other crucial parts of the body prone to dangers.

The Don’ts of Using a Pressure Washer

While using a pressure washer, you might assume some aspects, and when the problem happens, it causes severe injuries and damages. So, don’t do the following while pressure washing.

  • Avoid pointing the nozzle tip at a person or even animals.
  • Use only recommended detergents.
  • Use the right nozzle for the right cleaning job.
  • Always remember the high pressure from the equipment can cause damage.
  • Put some distance between the surface you are cleaning and the nozzle.


A pressure washer is an effective piece of equipment that makes cleaning simple. However, if you don’t know the measures you need to put in place, you can have a bad experience with the powerful machine. This guide can be your starting point when you don’t have a professional around to consult.


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