What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aluminum 6061 And 7075?


Aluminum has great benefits and it exists in different forms. All these forms of aluminum are the best to provide the best application in every field. Aluminum has many forms. The most famous of them are 6061 and 7075. This is because their manufacture and use are quite easy and good. When you are talking about the advantages of these two forms of aluminum there are some disadvantages too.

The different of 6061 and 7075 can help you get important information about these two aluminum 7075 and 6061. If you want to get further information about these two forms you can easily get basic information from here. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum 6061 and 7075 and discussed here.

Advantages of 7075

Heat treatable

The outstanding benefit of aluminum 7075 is that it can be easily treated with heat. When you will treat it with heat it will get soften. This form of 7075 is used in manufacturing different products.

Resistance to corrosion

The 7075 has a property of distance against corrosion. So you can directly use it over steel or other metal items to protect them from decay and provide a better area for increasing the half-life of a metal.


The aluminum 7075 is mostly used in the welding process. As it can easily be treated with heat so it gives a good result in this industry.


Easily breakable

This issue is seen in aluminum 7075 which cannot bear any weight. If you will put a little strength on it will break. So it cannot be used in big areas and large machinery

Difficult to form

The tensile strength of aluminum 7075 is very low. This causes a great issue during its formation because a large time is required to manufacture it.


The most expensive allowance of aluminum is 7975. It is causing many problems for people to use it in their projects and other things.

Advantages of aluminum 6061

High Strength

Aluminum 6061 has high strength. The high strength of the aluminum 6061 is compared to its counterpart 5052 which Is proved to be important for supporting bars and structural stiffness.

Semi-smooth surface

The main advantage of the aluminum 6061 is its semi-smooth surface. In addition to the widely used counterpart of this alloy, aluminum 6061 also provides a good surface finish.

Heat-treatable and excellent machinability

The aluminum 6061 starts with the series 6XXX. This alloy of aluminum responds well to heat treatments. This advantage of the aluminum 6061 means that it is easily joined and can be welded.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

The important advantage of the aluminum 6061 is that it is not rusted. It is a very good material. In addition to its 5052 counterparts, this alloy has a non-corrosive property.

Disadvantages of Aluminum 6061

In addition to the advantages of the aluminum 6061, it has some disadvantages.

Inferior welding properties

The aluminum 6061 is more robust and stiff to bend because of its strength as compared to 7075 it is used in most of the welding applications.

Cannot be easily formed

The aluminum 6061 requires more radius to bend as compared to the 7075. It has lesser malleability and forms cracks as compared to the 7075. 7075 has important properties in the manufacturing of formed electrical enclosures.


Aluminum 6061 and aluminum 7075 are the alloys of aluminum. Aluminum 6061 is good as compared to aluminum 7075. Aluminum 6061 has 6XXX series and the aluminum 7075 has 7XXX series. Aluminum 6061 can be joined and easily welded. When aluminum 7075 is welded it shows a crack so aluminum 6061 is the best.


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