What Are Adjustable WiFi Bluetooth Jammers? Everything You Need to Know


Digital technology has recently taken over people’s lives. Devices with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are significant parts of everyday life. These devices use signals to communicate with each other. While digital technology comes in handy, you just be on the watch for attackers who want to use your private information or disturb you. For this reason, signal jammers are the best bet. There are different signal jammers, and adjustable WiFi Bluetooth jammers are the latest signal jamming technology. If you have not had a chance to see these All Deal gadgets, click here to check out some of the best and latest adjustable signal jammers.

Everything you need to know about adjustable WiFi Bluetooth jammers

You will find yourself wondering, what are adjustable WiFi Bluetooth jammers? How do these jammers work and assure continuous functionality? What is the standard range of an adjustable signal jammer? These are some of the questions everybody buying the jammer for the first time must get right. Here are answers explained in the best way for easy understanding.

The jammer’s basics

These are devices that keep electronic devices from communicating with each other. They can stop microphones, GPS trackers, cameras, cellphones, computers, and other electronics transmitting data. WiFi Bluetooth jammers block Bluetooth and internet signals from transmitting. Adjustable signal jammers can work at different frequencies. They also allow you to adjust their range. This means you can increase or decrease the area where they operate. They are more beneficial than standard WiFi Bluetooth jammers that only work at one to three meters.

The jammer’s functionality

The basic working principle of signal jammers is relatively straightforward. However, there are some technicalities to look into. Signal jammers need to broadcast at the right frequency with all the devices they need to jam. However, all electronic devices use different frequencies. The frequencies also differ depending on where the devices are used. For instance, the frequency band in Asia and Europe ranges from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz. On the other hand, the frequency band in the US is around 1900 MHz. Signal jammers work by emitting the same radio frequency as electronic devices. This creates an interruption in their connection with the WiFi or Bluetooth.

The jammer’s strength

Typically, signal jammers are categorized depending on their range. However, you can adjust the range with adjustable jammers, depending on your needs. Low range signal blockers can work over 9 meters, while high-powered ones can work over massive areas of up to 40 meters. Adjustable signal jammers can work over small or large ranges.

WiFi and Bluetooth jamming

Note that WiFi Bluetooth jammers block more than one signal. They work for both WiFi and Bluetooth signals promoting flexibility and adjustability. If you get a jammer that communicates in Bluetooth and WiFi frequencies, do not hesitate to buy it, especially if you want something to serve you extensively.


WiFi Bluetooth jammers are great for maintaining your privacy and security; they disable wireless signals in your area, preventing security breaches for companies and individuals. Are you operating in a shared workspace? Browse All Deal and buy a signal jammer today.


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