Review about Genuine HP VI04 Laptop Battery


The laptop’s important element is its battery. If your battery is working well, you can use your laptop comfortably.  It is the vital thing you can use your laptop with the given instruction on it. Be careful about the battery charging and its use. Here we inform you all about the Genuine HP VI04 Laptop Battery and how to use and replace your battery.

Know About Laptop Battery

Following is some factors involved in good battery health. It is essential to know.

Check your Laptop Battery Health

It is vital to check your battery health on and off. When you do this, you know about the working condition of your battery. You want to know if there is a need to replace the battery. In Windows 10, you can check your laptop battery health from Windows PowerShell (Admi).in this way, you will get information about the battery and its life cycle.

Know About your Type of Battery

If you want to know how to use a laptop battery and take care of the battery, increase the health of the battery. But if you want to replace the battery, how will you know which type of battery you need?

You will find the battery name on the battery. For this purpose, you need to remove your battery, and here you will find all the information about the battery.

Increase Your Battery Life

Usually, battery life is 2 to 4 years. Some factors help to extend, for instance, the use of the battery, the material of the battery, and the degree of recharge battery. Following are the tips to increase your battery:

  • Fast discharge of the battery
  • After the first warning to recharge your battery, charge it
  • Always use a genuine charger for charging
  • Avoid charging the battery above 80 %

Specification of Genuine HP VI04 Laptop Battery

This is a Genuine HP VI04 Laptop Battery you can use this. The running time of this battery is 5 hours. The warranty of this battery is 1 year with 30 days money back.

Product Name Genuine HP VI04 Laptop Battery
Brand HP
Battery Voltage 14.8V
Type of Battery Li-Ion
Color Black
Capacity 2600mah
Guarantee 12 months with money back
Product condition New
Availability In Stock
Price % 65.28
Delivery Time Within 24 hours

If you want the genuine battery you need to visit the HP official website. Here you will get the original battery of the laptop. If you are facing any issues within 30 days, they will give you the guarantee of money back. Hp gives you the facility of return, you can return the product according to their return policy.


Lastly, Battery is the main component of any laptop. If you want to replace your battery, prefer to purchase the original. The battery of life depends on the usage of the battery. If you are using the battery with care it extends the life of your battery. You can buy the original HP battery from the official HP website.


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